The Big Move

I don’t know what it is about this new
move. I don’t know if it’s the fact that it’s just me and my 5 kids. Or could it be the fact that in trying to land a job it seems so hard because I can’t afford daycare at all. Could it even be that fact that when I try to ask people for help the few I look to help be the ones who don’t really see me at all. I just don’t know. Well Believe it or not I used the word I too often and in this BIG MOVE I can’t do it at all myself, realizing and accepting that it’s easier said then done. What I do know is trusting in something or someone is a must. I can’t speak for everyone else on how they seem to deal with issues that rise in there life but as for me I choose to walk along with Jesus as my head captain of my ship. My strength can only go for so long. My knowledge can only get me so far. But as for my captain he always steer me in the right direction. As I may say the currents sometimes have gotten big and rough and somedays I couldn’t see beyond what was happening at the moment “BUT GOD”.  This BIG MOVE is a learning and a growth experience I know because in the weeks I have moved, I experienced many emotions. Now these emotions aren’t going anywhere and it isn’t easing up, these emotions are actually pushing me  closer and closer to Christ. As strange as it may sound most people find ways to separate themselves from the love of Christ when it comes down to their daily issuses in life, but I find myself pushing closer because Christ always have wsy to bring me out of something to prepare me for something so that he can show me something.  Christ Can, Christ Shall and Christ Will.


Where are all the Mothers at?

I don’t know what is it about being a mother that makes what we do so tedious.  Have you ever heard another mother describe her day or her week run down with the family? Those conversations always tend to start with, “I have to go, I have to get, I have to drop and I have to bring”. By the time the conversation is over you just realized that you got an headache just from listening. Sounds all to familiar… Yes.  Well God knew exactly what he was doing when he created woman for motherhood. Actually God knew exactly what he was doing when he created woman in general. See us woman we try to do everything in our own strength. I will be honest and say I did once and sometimes I have to remind myself  that I can’t give myself a refill on strength or ideas etc.

This is where the supaflymom comes into full effect. She is a one of a kind mother. Whether she has one child or five like me (hint ,hint). She is that woman you ask yourself how in the world she does it.

This mom is selfless and haven’t lost herself. This mom knows that she was created for a purpose so she taps into her creator for her strength.                                                                    This mom is inwardly happy and don’t have to give or show outwardly satisfaction with her own state of being.                                                                    This mom wears, talks, lives motherhood .